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New Patients at Victoria Koenig, D.C.

Welcome to Victoria Koenig, D.C.! Dr. Victoria cares about each of her patients, and your families. Know that she will work with you to achieve optimum health and wellness, today, tomorrow and for a lifetime.

Before your first visit, she asks that you complete the online new patient form. Please bring your ID, insurance cards and any prior imaging or test results you may have when you come into the office.

The Initial Consultation

More than half of Dr. Victoria’s patients have never been to the a chiropractor before. Her warm and welcoming attitude keeps them at ease and coming back for care.

For your initial consultation, it will run approximately 45-60 mins. When you arrive, you’re greeted by our friendly office staff, who will make sure your paperwork is complete. They will bring you into the exam room where you’ll meet Dr. Victoria. She’ll explain what the process is going to be before starting.

She will take a detailed medical history. That is the most important. Then she will do a thorough physical exam as well as specific orthopedic and neurological testings. Chiropractic testing is the next step; after completed, she’ll determine if additional testing is needed.

After your first visit, a one-week follow-up appointment is scheduled to assess how your body responded to treatment. At this visit, your treatment plan will be discussed and implemented.

Following visitings take 15-30 minutes.


Payments are discussed with office staff prior to starting treatment. Dr. Victoria accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Medicare. HSA plans and major credit cards are also accepted.

Her fees are comparable to, if not lower than, other facilities in the area. She never want cost to keep you from seeking the care you need.

Ready to Book Your Visit?

Ready to restore joint function and support the nervous system? While also reducing pain and increasing movement and performance? Start today by contacting us and booking your appointment at (630) 964-7660.

New Patients at Victoria Koenig, D.C. | (630) 964-7660